🏅 The Rivers Edge RE647 Deluxe One-Man Ladder Stand is the best lightweight ladder tree stand for bowhunting weighing 44 lbs!

Jack Kelly

Crossbow Expert: Hunting Guide & Equipment Reviewer
Crossbow Safety and Regulations: Hunting Laws, Safe Shooting Practices
Crossbow Hunting Techniques: Stealth, Blind Placement
Crossbow Reviews and Comparisons: Product Analysis, Brand Comparisons
Crossbow Technology Trends: Innovations, Future of Crossbow Industry
Crossbow Wildlife and Habitat: Conservation Efforts and Impact


  • Crossbow Expert with specialized knowledge in hunting guidance, equipment reviews, and crossbow safety.
  • Master of Science in Outdoor Recreation and Resource Management from North Carolina State University.
  • Certified in Ecology: Ecosystem Dynamics and Conservation, Adult, Child And Baby First Aid/CPR/AED, and Online Product Reviewer Masterclass.
  • Featured in Florida Independent, Campinghiking.net, Bunker Basics, and Preppers Will.
  • Offers hunting guide services in various Florida locations, including Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area, Myakka State Forest, Osceola National Forest, St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, and Apalachicola National Forest.


Jack Kelly, a Crossbow Expert, brings a wealth of knowledge to the field, specializing in multiple critical areas:
  • Hunting Guidance: Jack offers valuable hunting guidance to a diverse audience, including outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, sports shooters, first-time buyers, and survivalists. His profound understanding of hunting techniques ensures safe and ethical hunting practices.
  • Equipment Reviews: As an Equipment Reviewer, Jack evaluates and compares various crossbow models and accessories. His reviews guide readers toward making well-informed equipment choices.
  • Additional Expertise: Jack also writes about crossbow safety and regulations, hunting techniques, product analysis, technology trends, and wildlife conservation.
Beyond his writing, Jack provides hunting guide services and consulting in various Florida locations, helping individuals and hunting clubs improve their hunting experiences. He also occasionally delivers public talks on the latest crossbow tech.

Outside Interests

Outside of his professional life, Jack is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys camping, hiking, and bouldering/climbing. He used to be. Google for Work trainer, too!

Upcoming Projects

Jack is currently working on a comprehensive guidebook for novice and experienced hunters. He is also considering further education in advanced ballistics or crossbow maintenance to support his writing.


Jack earned his Master of Science in Outdoor Recreation and Resource Management from North Carolina State University. He has also completed additional training in Ecology: Ecosystem Dynamics and Conservation, First Aid/CPR/AED, and an Online Product Reviewer Masterclass.

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Full draw in a treestand (bowhunting) (CC BY-ND 2.0) by MyFWC Florida Fish and Wildlife

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The Primal Treestands 22' Mac Daddy Xtra Wide Deluxe is our favorite overall ladder tree stand for its strong wide frame and 22-foot height.

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Best Tree Stand for Bowhunting in 2024

The best tree stand for bowhunting is the Summit Mini Viper SD Climber Tree Stand, thanks to its ample space.

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The best treestand umbrella is the Allen Company Camo Hunting Treestand Umbrella, thanks to its ultra-light weight (1lb) yet wide cover (57 inches)

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The Ghostblind 4-Panel Predator and the GhostBlind 6-Panel Runner Blind can make a hunter completely invisible, in any location, in any season.

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Primos Double Bull Deluxe Ground Blind Review 2024

The Primos Double Bull Deluxe is a top-quality ground blind, but not without its negatives.

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The Ameristep Doghouse Ground Blind is my favourite 2-man blind, and our pick for best 'budget' blind too.

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The Big Cat 350 is not just our top ground blind, but also our best ground blind for bowhunting too.

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The Big Cat 350 tops our ground blind charts across the board. But why is it so good?

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The Ameristep Care Taker weighs 13.5 lbs with a height of 5'6", and remains a personal favourite.

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Best Ground Blind Reviews for 2024

The well-built Big Cat 350 wins best ground blind at 19 lbs and standing 6'8" tall.

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Summit Climbing Treestand Stirrups Review 2024

The Summit Rapid Climbing Stirrups are great for stopping your feet slipping out of climber tree stands half way up a tree.

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Print off and carry our downloadable guide on how to treat snake bites in the wild. Download PDF

How Much Money Is Spent On Hunting?

Hunting Revenue Statistics 2024

According to the National Survey of Fishing, Hunting & Wildlife-Associated Recreation in 2016, the total spend on hunting in the U.S. was $26.2 billion.

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6 Lightest Hang-On Tree Stands in 2024

The lightest hang on tree stand in 2024 is the M7 Microlite Treestand, weighing an incredible 8.5 lbs!

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The lightest climbing tree stand available on the market in 2024 is the Lone Wolf Assault weighing just 14.7 lbs!

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6 Best Crossbow Scopes in 2024: Zoom in on the Winner

The best crossbow scope this season is the Hawke 3X32 IR. It does everything right, nothing wrong, and comes in at a fair price.

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Best Crossbow under $500 in 2024: The Sharpshaft Top 10

The best crossbow for under $500 is without a shadow of a doubt the powerful yet accurate CenterPoint Amped 415.

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7 Best Crossbow Bolts in 2024: Consistency is King

The best crossbow bolts available in 2024 are the Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak thanks to its accuracy and consistency from bolt to bolt.

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5 Best Crossbow Targets in 2024: Barrels of Abuse (But Not to Your Broadheads)

The best crossbow broadhead target in 2024 is the Rinehart 18-1 Broadhead Target. It doesn't ruin broadheads and takes barrels of abuse.

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The Swhacker brand is synonymous with originality and quality in the archery and crossbow world.

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The best crossbow broadhead for deer in 2024 is the Muzzy Trocar for its incomparable penetration and accuracy on large game.

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The fastest crossbow of 2024 is the TenPoint Nitro 505, not only of note for its speed but for its all-round excellence as a weapon.

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The best crossbow is the Ravin R26, thanks to its combination of speed, power, safety and value for money. 

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