Lightest Hang On Tree Stand Reviews [2020]

The lightest hang on tree stand currently available in 2020 is the M7 Microlite Treestand from Millennium.

I’ve scoured the web to find the five lightest tree stands on the market:

In some cases, sacrificing functionality for weight isn’t necessarily the best idea. That said, the M7 Microlite does a good job nonetheless. Read on to get an in-depth review on each tree stand.

One of the tree stands is a climbing tree stand (the X-Stand X-1), but I decided to include it anyway due to its excellent weight (13 lbs).

What do I value in a lightweight hang on tree stand?

Ease of transport (mobility)

It goes without saying that if you’re going hunting you don’t have a lot of space, and weight comes at a premium.

The best climbing tree stands are undoubtedly the lightweight ones which don’t compromise on quality.

Take into account the tree stands dimensions too. Although they’re light, sometimes they have difficult shapes which makes it hard to get about.

Durability & reliability

Hunter Sitting In Tree Stand In Middle Of Forest800*400

Some of the lightest hang on tree stands – sadly – are made only to be light without maintaining quality.

I’d recommend getting a tree stand built of steel or a solid aluminium. Steel is far more durable and won’t buckle as fast under a sustained weight over time (you may be in your tree stand for quite a while!). Aluminum is a reasonable alternative which weighs less if you really want an ultra-light tree stand.

Check the maximum weight

Check the maximum weight on the tree stand you want to buy and consider whether it suits your needs. A platform which holds up to 300 lbs should be good enough for one person.


Tree Size (Diameter)

Before you buy your hang on tree stand, I’d recommend getting a measure on the trees in your area. Seems obvious, but all tree stands have a minimum and maximum diameter, ranging from

Tree Size (Angle)

Sometimes you might find the perfect location for your tree stand, but the trees are at a strange angle to fix your tree stand. Has that ever happened to you?

On tree stands from some brands, you now have two dials which will allow you to level out your platform and your seat on a horizontal plane.


Platform size

You want a good platform under foot. It makes your shots more reliable and makes it more comfortable to have somewhere to rest your feet when you’re sat in the tree stand for hours.

Also, does your platform lend itself to moving it around? Check to see if it folds flat and has reasonable dimensions on the go.

Seat size & materials

There are many different sizes. What’s most important really is that you can comfortably sit there for a long period of time. Also, some models have fold-up seats in case you want to make a standing shot.


A noiseless tree stand is actually more and more popular as hunters are scaring off game. If there’s any noise from your tree stand when setting it up, moving around or positioning to shoot, any game within a 100 yards is going to get spooked.


If you want your tree stand well off the floor then safety is important. A good tree stand might have an incorporated rope and carabiners to help you get up and down. It may also have locks to keep you in your place so even if you become unbalanced for any reason, you won’t be going anywhere!

Treestand type

To choose the right type of stand for you, two main factors come into play; the type of trees in your area and your style of hunting.

Climbing tree stand

Climbing tree stands are for hard-wood areas where typically the trees have little to no branches on them and are tall and straight.

The climber is nice and portable; the idea is that you pack it up and move. It suits runners and gunners who like to stay on the go while they’re hunting.

Lock on/hang on stand

Hang on stands consist of two parts: a receiver which attaches to the tree, and the actual tree stand (fold-out seat and platform).

The beauty of this design is that you can buy multiple receivers and leave them strapped to trees you’ve scouted out in your favourite areas.

It’s a little less weight to carry every time you go out, and it’s a little less hassle to set it up. I’m a big fan.

The downside is obviously that if you don’t have a receiver with you to fix to the tree, you can’t put it up. That’s why the climbers are the ‘mobile’ option.

The hang on stand really comes into its own in areas where the trees have a lot of thick difficult branches to them.

Branches make it difficult to setup a climber, but you can position a hang-on around the branches (to a degree, you might need to chop a little bit).

It doesn’t need to take too long to set up a hang on either, once you’ve had a little practice.

Lightest Hang On Tree Stand Reviews

Millennium Treestands M7 Microlite Treestand Review – 8.5 lbs

The M7 Microlite Treestand is the lightest tree stand on this list, weighing in at an incredible 8.5 lbs and built from aluminum.

That’s the lightest tree stand I’ve ever come across. However my feeling is that they’ve had to sacrifice some typically strong Millennium traits to get it down to that weight.

Credit where it’s due, it really is unbeatable if you like to move from place to place while hunting. For that reason alone I’d have it in my arsenal.

Millennium actually has a patented ‘comfortMAX’ design which they use on all their tree stands. Where on other models it’s excellent, I’m not saying that this one isn’t comfortable, but it certainly isn’t at the same level.

It’s a hang on tree stand, great for hunters who need a lightweight, mobile stand which sets up quickly.

The platform holds up to 300 pounds, and measures 20.5-inches wide and 26-inches deep and is relatively comfortable. The countered sling seat folds up to provide enough space to make stand-up shots too.

They market this tree stand as noiseless, which couldn’t be further from the case. Once you’re set up it’s okay, but to fix it to the tree and take it down again it makes some serious noise when metal hits metal.

Millennium does include a ‘safeLink’ with the tree stand. SafeLink is a 35-foot rope with a Prusik knot and carabiner designed to help you get up and down the tree stand without too much trouble.


  • Lightest tree stand ever! Great for mobile hunters
  • Easy to get up and down thanks to SafeLink


  • No seat angle adjustment
  • Despite what they say it’s actually a very noisy setup which may scare game away

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

Lone Wolf Assault II Hang On Tree Stand Review – 11 lbs

The Lone Wolf Assault II is the lightest hang-on stand in the Lone Wolf collection, weighing in at an impressive 11 lbs.

The platform measures out at 26 by 19.5 inches and can hold up to 350 lbs. It is naturally a smaller platform due to the reduced weight, but I’d say it’s still big enough. If you struggle while seated, fold up the seat and stand for ample space.

The seat has a built in bow holder which is nice, although perhaps it could be slightly better positioned as it’s quite low.

This stand is particularly good at getting in between those gnarly branches, and fits trees from 4 inches to 22 inches in diameter.

It works with the EZ hang hook although I don’t recommend it as it won’t save you much time because the stand is just so light, and it’s only useful with straight trees.

Like the Lone Wolf Assault II, it could be more comfortable because it’s such a small design. If you’re going to spend all day sat on this tree stand, I recommend considering buying an extra seat pad for more comfort.


  • Great for mobile hunters thanks to light weight
  • Don’t scare away game thanks to silent setup
  • Great to get into difficult trees


  • Invest in an extra seat pad for additional comfort

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

The X-Stand X-1 Climbing Tree Stand Review – 11 lbs

The X-Stand X-1 is a climbing tree stand built with lightness in mind and little else. The stand is built of ultra-light aircraft aluminum to provide a stable lightweight design.

It comes in at 11 lbs and has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. The platform is 21-inches wide and 31-inches deep, which is a little more comfortable than the two hang on tree stands above.

If the platform is comfortable, I’m afraid the seat isn’t. It seems to be made of cheap material and it may need to be replaced fairly soon.

This tree stand comes with a 4-part full-body harness for safety and a multi-purpose bungee cord to secure parts the different parts.

The manufacturer says that this tree stand will work on trees of a diameter from 9 inches to 18. According to one reviewer however it wasn’t comfortable on an 18-inch tree. This diameter is reduced compared to the earlier hang ons.


  • Lightest Climbing Tree Stand
  • Great for mobile hunters thanks to light weight and flat-pack design


  • Has a cheap feel to it and may not last for long
  • Doesn’t work on all trees due to reduced diameter

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

Millennium Treestands M60U Ultralite Hang On Stand Review – 13 lbs

The M60U Ultralite Hang On is another well-designed tree stand by Millennium.

I get the impression Millennium pay attention to detail. Whereas the M7 was built to be the very lightest tree stand on the market, the M60U has added one or two details to increase comfort and functionality without sacrificing too much on weight.

On the M60U you have the integrated interlock leveling system to adjust the horizontal level of both platform and seat. Plus, you have an additional footrest.

You’ll have no problem putting up and taking down this hang on either thanks to the CamLock receiver which makes it really easy.

The M60U also has a fold-up seat, and includes the Safelink rope with Prusik knot and carabiner to help you in and out of the tree.

It’s built to hold up to 300 lbs of weight, and the platform measures 24 by 33 inches with a 20-inch seat.

Where we found both Millenniums lacking was in the noise department. Silence is obviously so important and packing and putting up these stands has a lot of metal o metal action.


  • More comfortable than the M7
  • Adjust your seat position with leveling technology
  • Easy to get up and down thanks to SafeLink


  • Quite noisy which may alert nearby game

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II Treestand Review – 14 lbs

The Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On II is another super lightweight option coming in at 14 lbs, with a good weight limit of 350 lbs.

It’s versatile; like the M60U it has the ability to level the seat out on leaning trunks thanks to its off-set tree bracket. It fits a wide range of trees from 4 inches to 22 inches in diameter.

It has a solid-feeling design, but I also like that the cables and parts are all replaceable should I need to in the future. This USA-manufactured tree stand seems a quality build.

The platform is a good size and feels sturdy when you’re on it. It folds up really well too for storage.

The overall consensus is that this is a comfortable seat, meaning that you’d be happy to spend long days sat up a tree waiting for a buck.

It does have metal buckles which – like the other entries – makes it a little noisier than you would hope. Several buyers counter this by covering the buckles with other materials.


  • Versatility: it fits a wide range of tree shapes and diameters
  • Comfortable for long sessions
  • Solid made in USA design and good customer service


  • Noisy metal buckles which may alert nearby game

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

So what’s the lightest hang on tree stand out there?

The lightest hang on tree stand in 2020 is the the M7 Microlite Treestand, weighing in an incredible 8.5 lbs.

I love all Millennium designs. This one included, although it must be said that they have sacrificed some standard features to get the weight so low on this model.

If you don’t mind a tree stand for a few extra lbs, I’d recommend upgrading to the M60U, or swapping over to Lone Wolf’s Alpha Hang On II.

Nonetheless, the M7 is simply awesome for hunters who like to stay on the move.


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