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Latest: The Lone Wolf ALPHA Hang On II Tree stand is the benchmark by which all other hang on tree stands are measured.

Best Hang on Tree Stand in 2022

Tree Stand

Best Hang on Tree Stand in 2022


Hang on Tree Stands are a great way to hunt game. The best hang on tree stands give you a perfect view of the unsuspecting animal from above.

The best hang on tree stands are also durable yet lightweight, something the manufacturers sometimes find difficult to balance right. On many of the lightest hang on tree stands you find problems with the hardware because they’ve been built so light that they fall apart.

The obvious benefit of a lightweight hang on tree stand is to be able to transport it around easily, particularly interesting to run n’ gun hunters who like to stay mobile and move from area to area.

Another important aspect to consider for the best tree stand is its comfort. If you’re going to be sitting in a tree for a long hunting session, you want to make sure it’s comfortable. Check the size of the seat and compare it to your height and weight.

Remember to look at a tree stand’s maximum weight too. Also have a look if there is room for your feet below, and if you don’t feel unstable when you stand up to take a shot at your prey.

Think about whether the tree stand offers room for your gear – does it have places to hang your bow? Is there room for your backpack up with you?

The last important point is the price. Can you find something that’s in your price range? Some of the most expensive hang on tree stands cost somewhere around $500, although you can find high-quality options for $200-250.

A tree stand or a ground blind?

This depends on personal preference, if you’re interested in knowing more about ground blinds, check these resources:

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Best Hang On Tree Stand Reviews

Here are some tree stands that we like:

Guide Gear Deluxe Hunting Hang-On Tree Stand

This tree stand is heavy at 33lbs, but it is comfortable and provides lots of space thanks to a flip-up seat.

Lone Wolf ALPHA Hang On II Tree stand

The Lone Wolf Alpha has a great self-leveling platform and seat. Unlike the Guide Gear Deluxe, it weighs in at a cool 18.5 lbs, and despite this it is nice and comfortable for long sessions.

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