Hi, there. My name’s Jack, and I’ve been doing archery and hunting with crossbows for just over five years.

Growing up, I lived off the back of a game reserve where lots of people went hunting. It was a way of life; a way to socialise and compete while putting food on the table.

When I left home, I stopped for a few years. I got back into archery again just over five years ago when a friend invited me to go along with him to a 3D session.

Needless to say that I fell in love all over again, and getting back into archery helped me to reconnect with other outdoor sports. It was at this point that I got deeper into crossbows.

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Although this website started as a personal project, I have discovered a passion for reviewing products and putting all the information available in front of my readers. I want them to be able to make the best decision possible regarding their products.

My mission is to help people getting into crossbows to take it to the next level. To better understand the equipment, the techniques, where to go and what to do.

My vision for the site is to create an extensive resource on crossbows and the outdoors so that you can find the information you need to enjoy all aspects of the practice responsibly.

How I create content

I make a considerable effort to get hold of all items we review, to test them extensively. 

When other people write on the site I also vet them for interest and experience in hunting. I also try hard to get the review products in front of them before publishing content. 

Yes, some content is created by freelancers. However, every piece is thoroughly edited by me, to ensure the most accurate reviews and product feedback. For me, it’s crucial that you can trust our input when making either purchasing decisions, or before taking part in activities.

On the rare occasions that sourcing the product isn’t possible, we will rely on extensive online research to bring together high-quality information. We compare and contrast sources to get you the best review feedback possible.

My Promise

I make a promise to you that any crossbow product review on this website is entirely unbiased. The products have been identified and selected because they are the best, thanks to extensive research. 

Just recently I was researching some new crossbow scopes and checking out other reviews. I realized that the website in question was pushing a lot of variable rifle-grade scopes, most likely because they come in at 8-10x more value. 

I refuse to do this; it undermines website content value and the trust the readers place in me.

I don’t accept free products from manufacturers – we aim to keep the reviews as objective as possible.


Why follow Sharpshaft?

Do any of these statements ring true for you?:

  • Crossbows are an important part of my life; it contributes to my life as a hobby, exercise, social time and family time.
  • You want crossbow advice based on real-life experiences, not sales pages from crossbow manufacturers telling you that the latest and greatest will change your life.
  • If you’re going to do something, you want to do it right. It means using the best equipment and proper techniques.

If this means something to you, then we’re excited that you’re here on our site. If it’s your first time, jump right in and look around – find something which resonates with you. 

Equally, if you’re enjoying the content, then please take a moment to share the website with your friends. It’s fast, and will help us to achieve our mission!

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