Welcome to Sharpshaft, your reliable resource for all things crossbow and hunting related. Guided by hands-on experience and a passion for the outdoors, we understand the excitement and dedication of crossbow users and outdoor enthusiasts. At Sharpshaft, we offer in-depth product reviews, insightful articles, practical how-tos, and the latest industry news to help you make informed decisions and enhance your outdoor experiences.

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Mission Statement

At Sharpshaft, our mission is to provide accurate, reliable, and comprehensive information for all levels of crossbow enthusiasts. From first-time buyers to seasoned hunters, we strive to be your go-to platform for hunting guides, crossbow reviews, and the latest industry insights.

Our Story

Sharpshaft started as a personal project by our founder, Jack Kelly, who’s been enthralled by the joys of hunting and crossbows for over fifteen years. Over the years, Sharpshaft has grown into a comprehensive platform where crossbow enthusiasts can find reliable product reviews, guides, tutorials, and industry news.

Who We Are:

Jack Kelly

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Hello! I’m Jack Kelly, an inveterate crossbow enthusiast with almost 15 years of hands-on experience in hunting. Merging my passion for technology and adventuring outdoors, I’ve found unique ways to evolve in both domains. My love for crossbows isn’t merely a hobby – it’s turned into a commitment to sharing knowledge and experiences with other enthusiasts. With rigorous insights into hunting practices and equipment, I strive to help every reader level up in their hunting adventures. Here’s to exploring, learning, and always hitting the target!

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Severine Goddard

Sev Goddard

Hello there, I’m Severine, a Crossbow Strategist with a specialized focus on empowering female hunters. I’ve intertwined my love for the outdoors and hunting with my passion for mentoring and guiding women in the field of crossbow and hunting. I believe in the power of knowledge, and for over a decade, I’ve used mine to equip women with the right gear and techniques to confidently navigate the hunting world. With my expertise in reviewing hunting gear, and my efforts in organizing tailored workshops for women, I’ve been molding the art of hunting into an empowering journey for women.

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Our Responsibility

At Sharpshaft, we become your trusted guide to outstanding crossbow and hunting experiences – all resting on our dedication to editorial integrity. Our team’s mission is to uphold a thorough, unbiased, and accurate presentation of information:

  • Rigorous Product Testing: All crossbow models and accessories we recommend are tested for their claimed features, efficiency, and overall value.
  • Unbiased Reporting: We maintain a transparent affiliation policy. Our revenue model with affiliate marketing doesn’t influence our recommendation.
  • Continuous Learning: The sport, the gear, and the community grow continually, and so does our team’s knowledge. We participate in continuous training and keep our certifications updated to offer you only the best.

Through these, Sharpshaft ensures high editorial standards, providing practical, reliable, and easy-to-understand information that can turn every crossbow enthusiast into an expert.

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What to do now?

Not sure where to start? Beginning your crossbow journey? It starts with a beginner-level crossbow. Advanced hunter? We recommend either finding out about the best latest crossbows, digging into our crossbows, tree stands, and ground blinds sections or checking out Sev’s survival series.

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