🏅 The Swhacker brand is synonymous with originality and quality in the archery and crossbow world.

Swhacker Broadhead Reviews: Rejoice! [Full Brand Guide 2024]

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Swhacker Broadhead Reviews: Rejoice! [Full Brand Guide 2024]


Swhacker broadhead reviews are back! It’s a really tough decision which broadheads to buy first. You may already have tried some and you were not completely happy, or equally you just want to try out a range of broadheads before settling.

In my case, I had started with a fixed-blade broadhead (the Excalibur Boltcutter), but had heard a little about the Swhacker mechanical broadhead technology and was intrigued; I wanted to know more, but struggled to find complete information in one place.

For this article I’ve source all the information I can find on Swhacker broadheads and what makes them so unique, followed by Swhacker broadhead reviews for all their most popular broadheads, including the latest from the Levi Morgan series which I’m yet to try – let me know if you do!

Swhacker broadhead reviews: things to consider before going Swhacker

Swhacker is one of the big names in the crossbow and archery field, with a product specialization in broadheads.

Swhacker broadheads fly like field tips

First of all Swhacker makes a special effort to replicate the behaviour of field tips. Most of their broadhead packs come with a practice broadhead so that you can let fly a few times against a target and compare with a standard field tip.

Swhacker broadheads have a unique design

Swhacker is famous for the intelligent and unique design they bring to the best expandable and mechanical broadheads. On every broadhead they manufacture, the key is in the two sets of edges that sit behind a hardened, razor-sharp two-blade cut-on-contact point.

The first set of edges are for the initial contact once the skin has been opened by the tip. Not only are they designed to cut through various layers of hide, tissue and fat, but they also cleave their way through the game’s ribs or other necessary bones. 

Whereas most broadheads will open immediately on impact, the fact that the Swhacker doesn’t means that it maintains a high level of penetration without losing too much energy. What’s more, the wing blades will protect the ferrule by sharing its load.

The beauty of the design is that the first edges then force the second edges to open once inside the animal. Depending on the specific broadhead, this may be a cutting diameter of as much as two-inches.

These second edges have the sole goal of wreaking havoc on the animal’s internal tissue and vital organs. More often than not, the wound channel and the blood trail are big, and as long as the bolt makes it past any external bone, no animal will make it more than 100 yards before coming to a halt.

Swhacker broadheads stand out for angled shots

Finally, the Swhacker broadheads stand out for their excellent quartering-shots penetration at an angle. 

Several other broadheads significantly lose efficiency on quartering shots, but several tests have proved that Swhacker remains deep-seated from any angle.

Who are Swhacker broadheads for?

Swhacker broadheads are for hunters of any experience working with small to medium-sized game – probably no bigger than deer. We found that the arrows were reliable over any distance thanks to their aerodynamicity, with a mechanical design which, importantly, never fails to deploy.

If you’re looking for the best broadhead for large game, then we’d recommend either the Excalibur Boltcutter, or the Muzzy Trocar.

The Swhacker broadheads provide consistently accurate shots – with solid penetration – that create a big wound channel and a healthy blood trail. As you can tell, we love these mechanical broadheads.

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Swhacker Broadhead Reviews

Swhacker Set of 3: 2-Inch-Cut Broadheads Review

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  • Each set includes 3 broadheads
  • 100 Grain Expandable 2-Blade Broadhead
  • Blade: .032″ thick, stainless steel, honed razor sharp
  • Ferrule: Anodized aircraft aluminum
  • Hardened high carbon steel point
  • Each set includes 3 broad heads
  • 100 Grain Expandable 2-Blade Brodhead
  • Blade: .032″ thick, stainless steel, honed razor sharp
  • Ferrule: Anodized aircraft aluminum
  • Hardened high carbon steel point


  • 1.75-inch cutting diameter
  • Swhacker broadhead for crossbows

What’s it for

The 2-inch-cut broadhead is the most popular Swhacker broadhead out there, and the sixth most popular broadhead of all time on the Amazon bestseller list.

This broadhead is for medium-sized game at any distance with a bow or crossbow.

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Swhacker 4 Blade Hybrid Broadhead Review

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Additional Specifications

  • High carbon steel chisel tip
  • 1 inch fixed bleeder blade


  • 100-grain
  • 125-grain
  • Swhacker hybrid for crossbows

What’s it for

The Swhacker 4-blade hybrid has been built to increase the entrance wound, thereby increasing the blood-trail and making tracking easier. The chisel tip is a bone crusher and is aimed at heavy impact on bigger game.

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Swhacker 4-Blade Fixed Broadhead  Review

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  • 100 grain
  • 1.5” cutting diameter (main blade)
  • 420 stainless steel blade (1.5”W x 1.5”L)
  • Bleeder blade (.875” x 1”) – removeable
  • 59° blade pitch
  • .065” blade thickness


  • 100-grain
  • 125-grain
  • Swhacker hybrid for crossbows

What’s it for

Swhacker offers three variations of the fixed broadhead which are engineered from solid stainless steel with over .065-inch blade thickness, which is twice as much as any other fixed-blade on the market.

This broadhead is for big game, where maximum penetration is key. 

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Swhacker 2-Blade 1.5-Inch Cut All Steel Review

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  • 100 grain
  • 1.5” cutting diameter
  • 420 stainless steel blade (1.85”W x 1.5”L)
  • Screw 4-40 x .250 Grade 8 steel
  • .031” blade thickness
  • Tip Hardened Steel hollow ground (threaded on)

What’s it for

This Swhacker cut-all, aside from ensuring strong penetration with its one-piece stainless-steel ferrule, aims to reproduce field-tip accuracy, by maintaining tightly-grouped blades until impact when it opens up and creates a devastating blood trail.

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

Swhacker 3-Blade 1.25-Inch Levi Morgan Review

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  • 100 grain
  • 1.25” cutting diameter
  • .032 stainless steel blades
  • Anodized aircraft aluminum ferrule
  • Chisel tip

What’s it for

One of the latest broadheads from Swacker is the Levi Morgan, co-designed with the pro-shooter himself alongside aerospace engineer Rick Forrest. The jury’s still out on these broadheads as we’ve not had a chance to test them. If you have, then let us know via the comments or the contact form.

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Swhacker Broadhead Science

Swhacker’s most popular broadhead – the Swhacker 2-inch Cut – has some incredible reviews on Amazon and maintains an excellent rating.

Nonetheless, as important as it is, public opinion isn’t everything, so we’ve pulled in the Swhacker Broadhead Science series for those of you interested, to get a better understanding of just what makes these broadheads so special:


We appreciate that these broadheads may not be for everybody, and there are definitely some quality alternatives out there which you can check out in our ‘best broadhead review for 2024’.

Our favourite alternatives were the:

Excalibur Boltcutter

The Excalibur Boltcutter is our personal favourite. It’s such a solid option for big-game hunting over all distances – it can really do no wrong, representing the perfect blend of strength, speed and accuracy.

Muzzy Trocar

The Muzzy Trocar won our tested competition for best broadhead for 2024, thanks to its top-draw grouping in testing and game-changing penetration. It’s fully customizable and made from solid steel, meaning you can adapt it to all types of game and distance.

G5 Outdoors Montec

The G5 gave a decent blood-trail thanks to its solid penetration, and we loved the simplicity – you just screw it on and shoot. You can also get some good reuse out of the broadhead by sharpening the blades.

NAP Spitfire

The NAP Spitfire has three cut-on-contact diamize sharpened blades and the ferrule has some unique microgrooves to improve accuracy and penetration. Then there’s the Trophy Tip which provides an extra punch on larger game.

Swhacker Broadhead Reviews FAQs

Question: “Can you use Swhacker broadheads with crossbows?”

Answer: yes, you can use all of their broadheads with crossbows, and they even have special ‘for Crossbow’ versions, although I don’t believe that these are necessary, and think that they are built to the same specifications.

Question: “Do Swhacker broadheads work with an FPS upwards of 400?”

Answer: yes, Swhacker broadheads are built to put up with pretty much anything you’ll throw at them (even shots from the new Scorpyd Nemesis 480 :P)

Question: “Do Swhacker broadheads come with a practice tip?”

Answer: yes, normally they do. Swhacker wants you to compare them to your field-tips to prove that they fly just the same.

Question: “Will the broadhead expand correctly with a low draw of say 50-60 pounds?”

Answer: yes, they should shoot fine, but we’d actually recommend the specialist Swhacker low-pound broadheads which we haven’t mentioned in this review.

Question: “What difference is there between the 2-inch cutting diameter and the 1 ¾-inch cutting diameter?”

Answer: the truth is there’s very little difference, and the 2-inch cutting diameter seems to be more popular. The wider the cutting diameter the more internal damage you are likely to do to organs, but of course you’re always sacrificing on penetration and accuracy to some degree. More than anything t’s a question of personal choice.

Swhacker Broadhead Reviews Conclusion

The Swhacker brand is synonymous with originality and quality in the archery and crossbow world.

As we’ve seen, the unique design makes it stand out – for good reason – from the competition, achieving excellence across the board, in penetration, accuracy, wound channel and blood-trail.

We fully recommend the most popular Swhacker 2-inch-cut broadheads to meet your generic hunting activity, and if not they provide a wide range of alternatives for your specific needs.

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